Color Catalog

Color Catalog
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23 April 2012

Baby Pillow

Bantal untuk new born baby Inas Nayli Farihah. Semoga anak itu membesar dengan ceria!


Color Catalog

Since it's hard for you to think about the colors and kinda hard for us to match the colors with your preference as well (teeheeee), so we finally came up with our very first color catalog. You might choose the color according to you liking.

Please be noted: The colors displayed are not that accurate due to camera contrast. The numbers' color are slight accurate to the actual.


09 April 2012

Relief your strain neck

Introducing our new product on list - NECK PILLOW~

You might drop us an email or text to place your order =)


04 April 2012

Bookmarks on board

Hey ya! Here's some bookmark design that had been requested by our customers. If you love to grab something like this, feel free to drop us request email or send text to us.

TQVM and much loves

We're Back!

Hello again! Now we're back with new ideas and designs. Feel free to browse around!
tara =)

TQVM and much loves

Image taken from: Google Image

27 April 2011

Hiatus Note

Sorry to tell you, apparently we're now on hiatus since I'm too bz with my school stuffs and my sister with her job. But we're definitely be back on this incoming school holiday.


04 August 2010

Hey mickey you're so fine~

Hasil terbaru Cik Dayah yang dah membuat bantal kecil lebih kurang saiz A4 yang berbentuk Mickey Mouse seperti yang telah ditempah oleh Cik Nuyul.

Yang di bawah ni pula ialah cuboid frame yang boleh digantung dalam kereta ataupun boleh juga letak atas meja aje. Tapi kalau gantung lagi comel kot ^^