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04 August 2010

Hey mickey you're so fine~

Hasil terbaru Cik Dayah yang dah membuat bantal kecil lebih kurang saiz A4 yang berbentuk Mickey Mouse seperti yang telah ditempah oleh Cik Nuyul.

Yang di bawah ni pula ialah cuboid frame yang boleh digantung dalam kereta ataupun boleh juga letak atas meja aje. Tapi kalau gantung lagi comel kot ^^

29 July 2010


Order kali ni adalah dari Cik Ika.
As she requested; 2 pouches with rainbow and black and white cat theme.
Hopefully berpuas hati ek dengan design kami.

Terima kasih daun keladi;
Kalau suka orderlah lagi. hehehe


Order from my former school mate

This is an order from Yati a.k.a Yati Arek. hikhik.
She's my former school mate. Jumpa balik kat facebook. lol. (facebook is really something)

dark brown phone pouch. hopefully muat *dokiedokie*

Thanks for the order, babe!

17 July 2010

Order from Kak Juzaila

This is the 2nd order from Kak Juzaila.
Last time we made the keychain for her daughter since it's her 11th birthday.
Best ek jadi budak? 11th birthday means her mom have to give her 11 birthday presents. lol
But the 1st keychain I didn't upload here coz lupa nak ambil gambar. hehehe

Thanks for ordering, Kak Ju ^^

16 July 2010

I 'Heart Eco'!!!


Ok... this is a non-felt craft post. kekeke. taking a break for awhile. But what I do have here is...


Heart Eco Giveaway contest!

Frankly speaking, I never cared about those giveaways and freebies contest. But... man... look at the rainbow~ arghhh!!! going nuts with it! "somewhere over the rainbow... way had past... and the dreams that you dream on... dream really do come true...~" know that song ait? I really want to win that notebook. Will do anything for it!!

So, you're interested with this freebies as well? Join them to participate. Very simple (and you don't have to wait for the rain to pour down and produce the rainbow. yes, no hustle. lol) 1st - Follow > 2nd - clik the 'LIKE' on heart eco FB >3rd - scribble your best words on your blog >4th - leave your comment HERE! and paste your post link as well.

eaaaasy rite? best of luck to u (and to me too!)
to heart eco, thank you so much for organizing this contest with the super-drool-and-to-be-die-for-I LOVE RAINBOW-notebook! heart u!

09 July 2010

Pouch for Olympus

We just finished making a camera pouch for Piqa (thanks for ur order!)
Here are the front and back view of the pouch ^^

what's next??

Since the FIFA madness is the in-thing, we made this for our dad and uncle.
(and that's what they expect for the final to be but too bad... FIFA 2010 is not yours, Germany. lol)
Germany vs Netherlands.

Ok... it's the keychain time.
Woot woot.
We have Miss Owl and Miss Ladybird on board. (welcome, welcome)

We'll give u best price if you ordered in bulk (10pcs and above)

Happy shopping.
Later ^^

30 June 2010

keychain galore

mahukan keychain yang bertulis nama sendiri?
mahu dedikasikan keychain kepada yang tersayang atau teman-teman?
kami boleh merealisasikan keinginan anda ^^

seronok akhirnya dapat buat untuk diri sendiri. kekekeke

twinkle twinkle little star. how I wonder what you are.
comel tak? mahu juga? place your order now ^^

atau anda adalah cik bunga yang sangat suka dengan bunga-bungaan?
keychain ini pasti cocok dengan kamu <3

ini pula seperti yang ditempah oleh cik nuyul a.k.a kecik.
couple keychain yang mengabadikan nama beliau bersama nama yang tersayang.
gerek seh. romantik sekali kamu ^^

till then.

28 June 2010

As Requested By...

*drum roll~*

Jijah and Farra!

Mereka request custom made bookmark yang bertulis TVXQ-Junsu.
Semoga kamu berdua akan lebih rajin belajar selepas ini dengan terselitnya Junsu di celah buku kamu. hehe

Di bawah ini pula order dari Teacher Zeti.
She loves red so much (i knew it kak zeti)
She ordered a red pencil case with her name on it.

Hope they like it.
Thanks for shopping with Wonder Stitch ^_^

Items in queue:
- Camera pouch from Yati
- A4 size pillow from Kak Zeti

19 June 2010

Key to the Chain

Hi all!
Kat sini kami dah buat beberapa keychain yang sedia untuk dijual.
Dan seperti biasa, tempahan juga dialu-alukan ^^

code: kc001
price: RM3

code: kc002
price: RM3

code: kc003
price: RM3

code: kc004
price: RM3

code: kc005
price: RM3

Couple Keychain!
code: kc006
price: RM5

Couple Keychain
code: kc007
price: RM5

(kalau mahukan keychain yang serupa dengan keychain-keychain di atas, sila maklumkan code number kepada kami dan kami akan buatkan untuk anda)

Kami juga dah menyiapkan keychain tempahan encik T-san.
Harap beliau berpuas hati ^^
Arsenal rules!!!

Later, y'll!

17 June 2010

'Run Away' Project

What's up guys?
I brought you another design of pouches.
Hope you'll like itcode: pws004
price: RM5

code: pws005
price: RM5

code: pws006
price: RM5

code: pws007
price: RM5

code: pws008
price: RM5

Camera Pouch!
Let's pimp the look of your ordinary camera pouch! Your camera needs some attention too

Hard Disk Case
C'mon! Your hard disk need extra care as well.
Let's fashion up your hard disk case so it won't get bored wearing the normal black suit =P

This is a sample of mine. You could have yours. Tell me your preference and we will make it for you.

Enjoy your shopping with Wonder Stitch ^^
See ya!

15 June 2010

Phone Pouch

Bored with same old phone pouch design sells at store?
Let's try some new kick off from Wonder.Stitch ^^

code: pws001
color available: blue, red
price: RM5

code: pws002
color available: red
price: RM5

code: pws003
color available: blue, red
price: RM5

How was it? We could also do the other colors on your demand =)
We'll be back for more designs.
See ya!


Coming up next...

the stitch works
(yes... very soon. see ya!)