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17 June 2010

'Run Away' Project

What's up guys?
I brought you another design of pouches.
Hope you'll like itcode: pws004
price: RM5

code: pws005
price: RM5

code: pws006
price: RM5

code: pws007
price: RM5

code: pws008
price: RM5

Camera Pouch!
Let's pimp the look of your ordinary camera pouch! Your camera needs some attention too

Hard Disk Case
C'mon! Your hard disk need extra care as well.
Let's fashion up your hard disk case so it won't get bored wearing the normal black suit =P

This is a sample of mine. You could have yours. Tell me your preference and we will make it for you.

Enjoy your shopping with Wonder Stitch ^^
See ya!

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