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16 July 2010

I 'Heart Eco'!!!


Ok... this is a non-felt craft post. kekeke. taking a break for awhile. But what I do have here is...


Heart Eco Giveaway contest!

Frankly speaking, I never cared about those giveaways and freebies contest. But... man... look at the rainbow~ arghhh!!! going nuts with it! "somewhere over the rainbow... way had past... and the dreams that you dream on... dream really do come true...~" know that song ait? I really want to win that notebook. Will do anything for it!!

So, you're interested with this freebies as well? Join them to participate. Very simple (and you don't have to wait for the rain to pour down and produce the rainbow. yes, no hustle. lol) 1st - Follow > 2nd - clik the 'LIKE' on heart eco FB >3rd - scribble your best words on your blog >4th - leave your comment HERE! and paste your post link as well.

eaaaasy rite? best of luck to u (and to me too!)
to heart eco, thank you so much for organizing this contest with the super-drool-and-to-be-die-for-I LOVE RAINBOW-notebook! heart u!

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